Blemish is coming to Kickstarter on August 1!

On August 1st, Blemish's Kickstarter campaign will commence. It's the moment of truth for myself and anyone looking forward to the game. Regardless of the outcome, I  am grateful for every single person who's shown support, whether socially or financially. The campaign will launch with a funding goal of $3500. It's ambitious for a first-timer, and the journey will be a heart-racing one; one that I'd be delighted to share with everyone here.

Blemish is an idea that I've had for a couple of years now. I understand there's some risk involved with making a visual novel of this type, as there's a larger demographic for otome/dating sims. However, I've always admired focused drama over romance, although that isn't to say my games won't have elements of intimacy.

As the faithful people over at the Lemma Soft forums always say: "make the VN you want to make".

I hope everyone can support this hearty project in any way they can!

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