A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Coming soon to Kickstarter on August 1, 2017! Follow Pavior on the Twitter for updates!

Blemish is a psychological drama visual novel game with suspense elements. The game will consist entirely of first-person narration and dialogue between characters. There will be pivotal choices that will change the outcome of the story.  

Tobias Gamble is a family therapist whom various married couples recommend to others in the small city of Flanston. He's praised for his familiar way of association and candidly speaking on his own experiences as a married individual. Having little doubt in his career, Tobias yields a proud and charismatic nature, at least until after he associates with his first adolescent patient. 

Zoe Matthews, the patient in question, is found dead in her bedroom after committing suicide. It isn't long before the event becomes gossip throughout the city, and Tobias' composure is left shattered. Wallowing in guilt, he trudges along to his next patient, another young girl by the name of "Millicent."

Tobias commences the assessment disheartened and distrustful of his ability, and he'll soon find there's little rest to be had.






  • Custom character and background art.
  • Original thought-provoking soundtrack
  • Multiple choices with four endings.
  • Mature themes (violence, profane dialogue, and disturbing descriptions)


  • Morris: Creator/Writer/Composer


  • Kelly & Mashiko Saoto: Character Sprite Artists
  • Pavel G: Background Artist
  • Hishnul: Trailer Character Animation
  • DovahKitteh: UI Programming

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract it to your directory of choice, then run the BlemishDemo.exe in the resulting folder.


Blemish Demo for Windows [8-1-17 Update] 55 MB
Blemish Demo for Mac [8-1-17 Update] 53 MB
Blemish Demo for Linux [8-1-17 Update] 59 MB

Development log


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Wow, it looks very nice.

Wow,awesome game!

hello Pavior, do you have a gmail account I could contact you on? I may have a potential collaboration proposition I wanted to run by with you.

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 goodluck on completing this!

Thanks, JP!


Such a fascinating premise. The demo kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Looking forward to future updates, and good luck with the kickstarter campaign!


I'm delighted to hear that. Thanks so much for trying it out!